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How to avoid the occurrence of Glue transfer when using aluminum composite panel protective film?

No glue&ink transfer on surface after peeling

Glue transfer has become a common phenomenon in protective films and tapes. Of course, this phenomenon is not good. In general, the quality of the product itself should be too hard, so it is a big problem to pay attention to in production. Now let's feel what we can do to help us avoid this situation.

Analysis shows that the general reason is that after the user equipment is constructed, the protective film of the aluminum composite panel must be removed from the surface of the profile. However, the adhesive of the protective film does not follow the protective film, but remains on the contoured product. This is the most reluctant achievement we will see.

It may be that the pressure-sensitive adhesives used in protective film products generally do not meet the requirements, but that is to say, compared with the viscosity, this will cause the protective film products to peel off when the external force is greater than the internal force.

Therefore, the residue on the contour usually prevents the protective film of the aluminum composite panel from being effectively peeled off. Generally speaking, there are two possibilities. One is the photoresist used in aluminum composite panel protective film products, and the other is the photoresist that is not used for protective films. However, the protective film plays a good role in sticking, but it plays a good role in peeling. In general, it is difficult to compare them. This is also the most common problem compared to protective films made by some illegal protective film manufacturers.

Another possibility is that the material used in the aluminum composite panel protective film master film is too soft, and of course cannot withstand the tensile force when peeling, so cracking will occur when peeling. In general, this is a very headache for users.

Therefore, the key is to pay attention to the production of aluminum composite panel protective film. In production, we must strengthen the control and adjustment of relevant factors, solve problems, and help us better complete what we must do.

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