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Surface PE Printing Protective Film for Upvc PVC Aluminum Profiles

Surface PE Printing Protective Film for Upvc PVC Aluminum Profiles

Protective Film for Upvc / PVC/ Aluminum Profiles

Our company  offer a wide assortment of films for the protection of Profiles; colour choices often include Transparent, White, Black and Black and White films. PVC and Aluminium profile protection is assured with our quality and adhesive strength matched to the customer's individual specifications. Window frames and sills made of PVC or Aluminium, doors and benches, painted or unpainted, are just some examples of profile products that our films are used to protect.

PVC profiles are traditionally protected with White or Black and White films.  Aluminium profiles traditionally utilise our printed Black and White or Black films, which meet exacting demands.

Our high abrasion resistant surface treatment reduces the dynamic of friction which enables our customers to increase their processing speeds. PROTECTION offers all print film options; customers’ brands, advertising or processing instructions too. we are offer a further solution.

PE protective film for aluminum profile / uPVC profiles

-  No Adhesive Residue After Tear Off

-  Good Printing Quality, Even If More Than Four Colors

-  Protect your aluminum composite panel suface form pollution, damage & UV corrode, and scratch during the process of produce, transport, store and installation ;

-  6 color over print to improve your brand image by having your logo & contact details on ;

-  Durable, recyclable, health & safe, hot-tempterature endurable, anti-aging ;

-  We have the whole production line (blow molding , printing, coating, rewinding,cutting, packaging, shipment) ;

-  Demand to add addition uvioresistant resistance as available .

-  Improve your brand image by protecting surfaces from scratch & dust and having your logo &promotional details on.