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No Glue Residue Customized Clear Plastic PE Protective Film with Customers Logo

No glue&ink transfer on surface after peeling.

No Glue Residue Customized Clear Plastic PE Protective Film with Customers Logo

Ⅰ. Introduction of printing PE protective film

  PE protective film’s characteristics of soft,good viscosity,adhesive performance is good,easy to paste,easy peeling,peeling no residue.

PE protective film can be widely used in many industries.It can protect the surface of products from pollution,damage and scratches during transportation and installation.

Ⅱ. PE Protective Film Specifications

1) Thickness: 0.015 - 0.10 mm

2) Width: up to 1600 mm

3) Length: 100 - 2000 m

4) Adhesive strength: 5-500 g/50mm

5) Color: Transparent, blue, black, black background, white, or custom

6) Stable adhering capacity

7) Easy to peel

8) No residual adhesive

9) It can protect the protected-products not to be polluted, corrode, and scratch during the process of products, transport, store and the course of use. 

Protect the surface of the already existing bright and clean bright pool, thus improve quality of the products and market competitiveness

 Ⅲ. PE Printing Protective Film Advantages

1) It's so easy to peel off.

2) 100% virgin PE material and also soft. 

3) After removed the products , there is no residue.

4) Good and steady adhesion. 

5) Good anti-static ability.

6) High temperature resistance.

7) It's so easy to stick on any products. 

No glue&ink transfer on surface after peeling.

Ⅳ.Application of PE Protectiveon Film

The protective film produced by the company is mainly used in surface protection of home appliance plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, color steel plate, cabinet panel, plastic profile, aluminum alloy door and window, glass, acrylic, marble, plastic steel, floorboard, titanium alloy, UV decorative laminate, door plank, glass fiber etc.

Ⅴ. Why choose us 

(1).Your inquiry will be replied soon by enthusiastic and friendly trade staff in 24 hours;

(2) .We are PE protective film factory ;

(3).We can offer OEM service and free samples;

(4).Our company can print 1-4 colors logo;

(5).We use the Oil adhesive to make product easy tear without residue.

(6).Providing comprehensive services.

Ⅵ. Protective film Production Process

1.Raw Material    2.Film Blowing    3.Semi-finished products    4.Glue coating     5.Semi-finished products    6.Testing    7.Rewinding   8.Cutting   9.Storehouse   10.Shipping

Ⅶ. Testing and Quality Control

Advanced testing equipment and strict quality controlling system ensure that our products are satisfied by customers all over the world.

We own a test lab for doing quality control and product inspection before delivery. We have standard rules for inspection from the raw mate to the end product.

No glue&ink transfer on surface after peeling.

Ⅷ. PE Film Packing & Shipping

1. Inner packing:Plastic core or paper core

2.Outer packing: carton box for small rolls, Corrugated paper for jumbo rolls, water-proof film wrapped on the pallet

Ⅸ.Our Service

1. We are manufacturer producing all kinds of plastic film, which can provide you with the most competitive price.

2. We offer OEM service and free samples

3. We have good quality control to make product easy tear without residue glue.

4.We have full set equipment, 5 blowing and coating lines, can quickly handle your order. So that promise delivery in time.

5.Your inquiry will be replied soon by enthusiastic and professional trade staff in 24 hours.


1.  Q: What's your delivery time?

    A: Asap,with the efficiently control for the production time, usually our delivery time is 7-30 workdays.

2.  Q: What's your production capacity?

    A: About 600 tons~800 tons per month.

3.  Q: Can you produce colored protective film?

    A: Yes,we can, such as black, white, blue, etc.

4.  Q: What are your main products?

   A:Our main products are PE protective film. Transparent film, Blue film, Black and white film, Milky white film, Printing Protective Film and so on.

Can protect numerous products to avoid scratch, mark, damage and dirt during the process of bending, pressing, roll forming, transportation and installation etc.

5.  Q: Do you provide free sample? And how many days it will take?

    A: Yes, we can provide free sample, of course it is better if you would like to pay the courier charge.We provide protective film as per clients required.

6.  Q:When can I get the quotation?

    A:We usually quote within 12 hours after we get your inquiry.If you are very urgent to get the price,pls tell us in your telephone number ,so that we will regard your inquiry priority.