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Milk-white Adhesive PE Protective Plastic Film For Aluminium Composite Panel with Printing logo

    Plastic PE protection film protected the product in the production process, transportation, storage, and use of the process without pollution, corrosion, scratch, protect the original bright and shiny surface, thereby improving the quality of products and market competitiveness.

PE Milk White Plastic FilmBasic information

1.Backing: Polyethylene

2.Adhesive type: water-based acrylic



5.Color: Transparent; blue, black and white, blue, milk-white film and etc

6.Features: Stable adhesive strength and excellent weather ability; No residue glue on surfaces after peeling off.

PE Plastic Film Features 

1. It's so easy to peel off.

2. Virgin LDPE material and also soft.

3. After removing the product, there is no residue.

4.Good and steady adhesion.

5.Good antistatic ability.

6).High-temperature resistance.

7). It's so easy to stick on any products

Our plastic protection film can be widely used, like wooden door and furniture, appliances, carpet, glass window, plastic sheets, aluminum profiles and stainless steel, curtain wall, marble, and ceramic, etc...

Our Raw material is eco-friendly, with no smell. You can stick and peel the film easily, there will be no residue left.  Are you afraid of air bubbles or crease?  Choosing our film, you will never worry about them!

Milk White Plastic Protection Film Packaging & Shipping

1-paper core with 77mm in diameters

2-each film roll is wrapped by EPE sheet and corrugated paper

3-One 20 container can hold 15 tons, while a 40 feet container can be filled with 25 tons.


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