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Manufacturer Clear Transparent Plastic PE Protective Film For PVC Sheet

PE Stretch film is a commonly used name for multi-layer elastic polyethylene film. Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is the base material for manufacturing stretch film.

PE Stretch film is used primarily as warp film and protective film of products, ranging from loads bundled on pallets, to individual items of large overall dimensions.Due to its low thickness and high durability that guarantees the stability of load, using stretch film is the most efficient way of wrapping products.

Features and Applications:

1.Offers good elongation/viscosity,stable adhering capacity and easy to paste.

2.Leaves no residue behind when removed.

3.Environmental, Durable, recyclable, health & safe;

4.Hot-temperature endurable, anti-aging.

5.Protect the surface of decoration materials from scratches,damage and ash during transportation and installation.

6.Application: Used in the decoration process,can be affixed to decoration of the wall,floor,carpet,glass,etc.

1.Factory price

We can produce all kinds of protective film,and we are also a trading company which 

can provide you with the most competitive price.

2.Superior raw material

100% raw material we provided are the most competitive essentials comparing with

 the other same industry with no more bubble and straight line on the surface of the roll.


3.Energy-saving,environment protection

There is no harsh smells and no pollution in the workshop during glue coating by 

organic solvent recycling system.

Manufacturer Clear Transparent Plastic PE Protective Film For PVC Sheet

Our services
Pre-sale Service
1.Confirm all specifications with customers.
2.Offer sample to customers.
In sale Service:
Inspections for Quality control 
Incoming inspection:
From thickness, width, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation rate, T-bend ... 
In-process inspection:
Keep checking the painting thickness, color differences(ΔE), glossy, surface condition,
T-bend...Especially items made agreements with customer in the contract.
Final inspection:
Re-check all goods by taking out samples one by one by QC team. 
At last we will keep samples and test records in stock for every coil.
After sale Service
Within 48 hours to provide test report and official feedback.