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Free Sample Customized Size Anti Scratch Milk White Film For Aluminum

Milk White Protection Plastic Film:

Perfect products need good protection! When profiles are turned into window frames, when stainless steel panels are processed into sinks, when painted metal sheets and plastics are transported and many more cases Hengzhan protection plastic films prevent damage to surfaces, saving expensive reworking and unnecessary production losses

Hengzhan protection film tape can not only protect the surfaces of your valuable products during handling, mechanical, transport, assembly, storage process but also can improve your brand image by printing your logo on its surface.

The film has high elongation and tear-resistant and very good deformation behavior suitable for severe mechanical processes and protects the stainless steel surface undamaged.; Easy unwind.

They are easy apt and easy strip with no glue residues remain on the surface.

pe protection film Usual specification:

Color: milk white, transparent, blue, black and white, yellow, green,ect. 

Thickness: 0.05mm-0.10mm

Width: Within 1580mm

Length: 100m-2000m

Available color Clear, Blue, Black&White, Green, pink, etc

Feature:Good Weatherability, stable adhesive strength, easy apply and removed, leaving no glue after peel off

Main application Stainless steel plate, colored steel plate, mirrored

Features of PE protection plastic films:

1.Suitable Adhesion: No flaking, no divorce,no residue glue while peeling off.

2.Excellent weather ability: Same peeling strength in a different environment, no residue while peeling off.

3. Well, the performance of the glues leads to no pollution and corrosion on the protected surface.

4. Well, the performance of physical property such as tensile strength and elongation.

Technology Innovation:

We always focus on technology innovation and pay much attention to the improvement of the traditional production processes and plants to improve quality and efficiency.

Energy-saving, environment protection

There are no harsh smells and no pollution in the workshop during glue coating by the organic solvent recycling system.

Testing types of equipment

Advanced testing equipment and strict quality controlling system ensure that our products are satisfied by customers all over the world.

PE Plastic Protection Production Process

1.Raw Material

2.Film Blowing

3.Semi-finished products

4.Glue coating

5.Semi-finished products






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