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Custom Logo Adhesive PE Printing Transparent Film for Surface Protection

1.Plastic Protection Film Unique Attributes:

a. Excellent gloss and transparency;

b. Good resistance to moisture, oil and grease, pollution and harmful chemicals;

c. Excellent clarity;

d. Best dimensional stability and flatness;

e. Low electro static charge;

f. Good and optimal performance on high speed printing;

g. No wrinkle or shrink;

2. Why Us?

a. Quality Assurance

(1) Premium quality starts from raw material

(2) Precise and Stable Production

 Advanced machines, facility and fully automated production ensures the precision and stability of film quality;

b. Efficient and Friendly Service

We are always here to help with what you need timely with a warm heart and profession.

3.Plastic Film Shipment

The goods can be delivered by air, sea or express according to your need.

4. Contact Us

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